Collection: Fraoch Sock

Fraoch (pronounced like frew-och (like loch) is the Gaelic name for heather, which is the perfect fit for this beautiful sock yarn. Due to its unique blend of fibres it has a naturally pale grey, heathered quality. This yarn is superwash so it takes dyes extremely well, which of course we love! That being said, it has the kind of rustic, natural feel of a non-superwash yarn while still being soft. The texture and feel of this yarn make it perfect for colourwork as you won't have to manage slippery yarns, it would be a fabulous choice for garments, and of course socks.

This base isn't as readily available as our usual bases, but some has been reserved for custom orders. So if you want a sweater quantity or a specific colourway please don't hesitate to get in touch.

60% Exmoor Blueface (a Bluefaced Leicester cross), 20% Corriedale which adds softness and lustre, 10% Zwartbles which gives it the gorgeous grey heathering, 10% Nylon for extra durability. 400m per 100g. Recommended Needle Size 2mm-3.5mm.

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